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Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria
Assistant Professor and Key Researcher
Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia
Adjunct Research Professor

email: cguetl@iicm.edu
Skype ID: cguetl

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  • 3D World for physics training and learning - story in Matrix - Oe1 in German language (Hören Sie einen Auszug aus der Ö1 Sendung "matrix - computer & neue medien" zum Thema "Verspielte Physik. Dreidimensionale Lernwelten", Gestaltung von Silvia Sammer vom Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011 um 22.30 Uhr in oe1.ORF.at.)
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  • 3D World for physics training - story in Digital.Leben - Oe1 in German language ( Hören Sie die Ö1 Sendung "Digital Leben" zum Thema "Studieren im virtuellen Raum", Gestaltung von Silvia Sammer vom Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011 um 16:55 Uhr in oe1.ORF.at. )
    :: listen story (in German)
  • 3-year research report of AEMT groups has been published recently.
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  • iED European Chapter has been lanched supported by AEMT Group as founding member and representing on of the board member.
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Dr. Christian Gütl was born in Graz - Austria, has completed his master in communication engineering and economics with honor, has finished his doctoral thesis in computer science with honor and has completed his post doctoral lecture thesis (Habilitation). Dr. Gütl is currently Assistant Professor at Graz University of Technology in Austria and Adjunct Research Professor at Curtin University of Technology in Perth, WA. He is also head of GÜTL IT Research & Consulting and an expert involved in national and international review and evaluation activities.

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My research group, the Advanced Educational Media Technologies (AEMT) Group, focuses on research, developmemt and application of computer-based media technologies for communication, information access and knowledge exchange. Research interest and expertises include crossmedia retrieval, natural language processing, information visualization, adaptive systems, e-learning & e-assessment, and virtual 3D environments. AEMG is nationally and internationally linked with academic & research institutions, communities as well as with industry partners.

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I am involved in the review process and in organizational teams of numerous international journals, conferences and workshop but I am also an expert reviewing and evaluating international research projects.

Selected Conferences and Workshops
:: Computer-based Knowledge & Skill Assessment and Feedback in Learning Settings (CAF)
:: Virtual Worlds for academic, organizational, and life-long learning (ViWo)
:: Special Track on Learning Ecosystems as special item of the IEEE DEST
:: ICL (International Conference on Interactive Computer aided Learning)
:: IEEE EDUCON (International Conference of Global Learning in Engineering Education)


Since years I teach courses in the bachelor and master program as well as supervise and co-supervice bachelor, master and phd thesis in my home uiversity but also from abroad. I have also established student exchange programs with universities from Europe, Australia and USA.

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